There's More to a Beautiful Yard Than Just Green Grass

There's More to a Beautiful Yard Than Just Green Grass

Upgrade your Miami or Coral Gables, FL property with professional landscape design services

You own a lush, green lawn, but you still feel like something’s missing. Take a peek at your neighbor’s yard. Better yet, check out a local landscaping company’s website. You’ll find that all the enviable yards in Coral Gables and Miami, FL have one thing in common: a wide range of landscaping features.

BBS Landscaping can transform your ordinary yard into an extraordinary outdoor space by planting flowers or installing hardscaping features. Not sure where to start? Just ask.

A local landscaper can help you…

  • Boost your curb appeal: Add a splash of color to the sea of green on your front lawn.
  • Create a positive impression: Consider planting shrubs along the path to your front door so you can welcome guests in style.
  • Increase your property value: Install hardscaping features to create an impressive outdoor living space.

Landscape design is a job best left to the professionals. Contact us today to learn more. We serve the entire Miami metroplex, including Coral Gables.

Transform your yard within your budget

When it comes to landscape design, we are the experts in the Miami and Coral Gables, FL area. Before we update your yard, we’ll ask you about…

  • Your landscape design preferences
  • Your favorite native plants
  • Your budget

From there, we’ll help you pick plants and shrubs that will achieve your vision for your yard. We’ll be sure to recommend plants that don’t require much maintenance.

Contact our landscaping company today to get started.