Live in the Best-Looking House on the Block

Live in the Best-Looking House on the Block

Take advantage of our landscaping services in Miami and Coral Gables, FL - We Service the Entire Metroplex

Does someone else in your neighborhood always win yard-of-the-month? Challenge them for the honors by arranging for landscaping services from BBS Landscaping. We'll enhance your landscape with eye-catching flowers, mature trees and neatly trimmed shrubs. After we're done, you'll be amazed by the transformation.

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Enhance the appearance of your yard

Although you love the look of your property, it seems to be missing something. Take your yard to the next level by turning to BBS Landscaping for landscape design services.

During the initial consultation, we'll put together a plan to add...

  • Color. We'll design flower beds with a mix of brightly colored flowers that will pop against your house.
  • Dimension. Your yard will stand out when we add trees and bushes.
  • Interest. We'll include native and exotic plants to give your house a unique look.

Call now to arrange for landscape design services in the Miami, FL area.